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RionHunter's News

Posted by RionHunter - May 7th, 2018

4 of the last 7 nights were all nighters for me. I was trying everything I could to get my piece in for Pico Day, but after some technical issues and then family commitments I shouldn't have bothered with, it just hasn't come together, and now it's gone and done.

I want to keep working on it. It'd still be nice to get it out real soon, because I know it's not a huge prioritiy, and I won't ever finish it if I put it down.

Would have absolutely blown away the rest of the pico day competition, too. I just need to aim lower. The thing I struggle with most at this time is masterpiecing things, where I polish too much. 


Seen above: A shot from my pico day animation, demonstrating too much polish.

I also struggle with tools. There has never been a time in my life where I haven't been inhibited by the shortcoming of my tools. My desktop has died, so I can't use my cintiq. This was all on my laptop with an intuos - still doable, but not nearly as effeciently or effectively. I feel like I can never make stuff as good as I could, because everything around me is always broken or already pushed to its limits.

But I make it work. I know a poor tradesman blames his tools, but an artist can always do more with better.



Posted by RionHunter - October 23rd, 2017

I haven't been as active on Newgrounds lately. Life happens. Things occur. We grow. We learn. We lose time to our mistakes.

But I've been honing my skills all the same. The skills that Newgrounds gave the original impetus towards. My digital art, animating, music, writing and game making abilities have all drastically improved - enough that I feel I can come back onto the scene and make stuff that's worthwhile.

I just need to restore my financial backing. once the ball's rolling, I'll try and get a patreon going or something, but that's always a bit of a rough path to take. There'll be means. I'll make it work.

I miss making stuff for this platform, and I want to do it again.

So I'll try.

Posted by RionHunter - May 6th, 2014

So, in the past, I've made some pretty substantial animations for newgrounds in a stupidly small amount of time.

I'm not saying they're good, on any level, but there is no denying they're defenitely pretty decent for the timeframe I had.

Number 6298 was made in 11 hours on a shitty bamboo tablet, in one sitting.

I'll Protect You was made in under 48 hours, and it's the most committed project I've ever uploaded to this account.

And now, I have two and a half weeks that I'm going to commit to getting something done for the open round of NATA.  I already know what I'm going to do, and it's very ambitious, so here's hoping I can get it done.

The draft storyboard already involves some pretty dynamic shots, though apparently it all happens a lot faster in that file than what it looks like when I'm playing it in flash, so it seems pretty hectic and fast at the moment, but give it time ;)

While I'm doing this, I'm also working on a book and launching a Non-Governing Organisation/Charity.  So yeah..

Caffeine addiction, here I come.

Posted by RionHunter - September 7th, 2013

Subscribe or something stupid, and I might make more actual videos.

You poops.

Posted by RionHunter - June 11th, 2013

I don't think the notification system works for me, as I haven't ever gotten any.

There's a chance it's because I've been.. a little too preoccupied with uni to really contribute much to Newgrounds. However, I'm learning a lot about animation.
Once I finish up my last few uni assignments for this semester, I will be completing 'All Around', an animation I've had floating around for a while. It's only short (about a minute), but it'll be good to post something again.

I'll time it with my next available front-page-post. So expect something in two weeks time.

Newgrounds Notification Error

Posted by RionHunter - April 25th, 2013

So, after struggling with uni, work, volunteering, illness and procrastination, with... 6ish hours left in it, I've decided to throw in the towel.
I usually do well with the last minute, battle-to-the-finish-lines, however, there's still too much to do with this project, and, naturally, not enough time.

It was starting to look pretty good, too (see below).
Next year, maybe.

Bailing on NATA

Posted by RionHunter - October 5th, 2012

I can't compete with him :P

Anywayz, I obviously have a new animation out that you should watch.
It was for the movie jam, though it was a bit late. I got my wisdom teeth out when the thing was on, but the theme gave me a good idea.
So here you freaking have it.

It's no master piece, but I feel it turned out okay.

Almost got my first daily 1st.  Stupid Tom.

Posted by RionHunter - November 29th, 2011

If you like it, you should subscribe.

Posted by RionHunter - August 2nd, 2011

So I'm 21 now. I don't even care.
But, what I'd really appreciate if you could watch this here vid I made yesterday.
It isn't that bad.

It's also my NG birthday. For some reason, I made my account on my actual birthday, 5 years ago today. So there's that as well...

Posted by RionHunter - July 16th, 2011

If you like it, freaking subscribe.