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Posted by RionHunter - October 23rd, 2017

I haven't been as active on Newgrounds lately. Life happens. Things occur. We grow. We learn. We lose time to our mistakes.

But I've been honing my skills all the same. The skills that Newgrounds gave the original impetus towards. My digital art, animating, music, writing and game making abilities have all drastically improved - enough that I feel I can come back onto the scene and make stuff that's worthwhile.

I just need to restore my financial backing. once the ball's rolling, I'll try and get a patreon going or something, but that's always a bit of a rough path to take. There'll be means. I'll make it work.

I miss making stuff for this platform, and I want to do it again.

So I'll try.

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(Making this post just to bury my pledge to compete in 2014's NATA, which I didn't end up doing)

Remember to balance your IRL between your NG time. Just because you are good at something doesn't mean you may make a living on it. Plenty of artists crashed and burned because of their optimism. Don't be one of them.

This is true. My 'making a living' has already been a bit of a struggle for me for these past few years. Fortunately, I'm now getting enough freelance work writing copy and doing graphic design/digital art for small businesses and start-ups in my area - so I'm definitely not relying on making content online as my only means of survival.

Really enjoying the new artwork! Impressive. Imaginative. Should definitely make them available through the portal!

Man, you're still a force of nature with these reviews, huh? I'm glad you like my art works, but I can't publish them to the portal, as I haven't been scouted yet (First time even thinking to actually post art here - weird, huh?)

Till I die...mensionally warp and am unable to! :P I meant you could check the 'submit for the portal' so you can get scouted... but seems like you found the checkbox now! :D Invitation sent, would be humbly obliged if accepted. So good art too, I guess you´ve been drawing for some time? Any plans on submitting older works?

I mean I could. Wasn't really too concerned with it, but yeah. Now that I'm scouted (thanks for that), it might be a little more worthwhile

All good. :) Looking forward to it!