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I seek the approval of strangers online

2013-09-07 11:20:40 by RionHunter

Subscribe or something stupid, and I might make more actual videos.

You poops.


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2013-09-08 16:15:05

Pick up some Gorilla Glue and fix your dresser man! Waste not, want not and all.....

RionHunter responds:

Already gone through that once. The base has split apart, so the drawers constantly fall through. What I NEED is the wardrobe that's downstairs..


2013-09-08 22:22:24

All, I've got is a few laundry baskets... and a dresser downstairs that needs to come up as well, but my sister's using it just now :\ Should've pinched it when I had the chance, and before my back surgery (because they were gonna fix it anyway).