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Bailing on NATA

2013-04-25 10:20:36 by RionHunter

So, after struggling with uni, work, volunteering, illness and procrastination, with... 6ish hours left in it, I've decided to throw in the towel.
I usually do well with the last minute, battle-to-the-finish-lines, however, there's still too much to do with this project, and, naturally, not enough time.

It was starting to look pretty good, too (see below).
Next year, maybe.

Bailing on NATA


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2013-04-25 11:16:21

Damn that sucks, seems a lot of people are having trouble finishing. Have you considered uploading the unfinished product to the dump? That's what most people that aren't actually able to finish are going to do.

Open Round seems to be a bit more lenient on unfinished projects since it's more about finding animators that are cut out for the tournament than it is about seeing who had the most free time in April.