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Almost got my first daily 1st. Stupid Tom.

2012-10-05 07:55:01 by RionHunter

I can't compete with him :P

Anywayz, I obviously have a new animation out that you should watch.
It was for the movie jam, though it was a bit late. I got my wisdom teeth out when the thing was on, but the theme gave me a good idea.
So here you freaking have it.

It's no master piece, but I feel it turned out okay.

Almost got my first daily 1st.  Stupid Tom.


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2012-10-06 14:45:16

Maybe next time buddy!


2012-10-07 03:38:10

The poor teddy bear.


2012-10-08 21:06:19

Hello again, I finally could see the end. I think it was te computer. I really like it. :D I hope that the next time you get the first place.

RionHunter responds:

Thanks for letting me know :)