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Youtube animation

2011-05-11 21:59:47 by RionHunter

I just animated a new outro for my videos. Yes, I KNOW this video has two of the most overplayed songs on newgrounds, but it wasn't for newgrounds, so I win.
If you like it, you should subscribe.
That is all.

Username change & threadless design

2011-04-27 00:50:08 by RionHunter

So I've made a MASSIVELY HUGE, GIGANTIC username change from 'rion-hunter' to 'RionHunter'.

I wouldn't have bothered, initially, but I'm slowly picking up more followers on twitter and youtube, and this makes it a bit more streamlined.
So thanks Tom.

Please vote on my shirt (5 is preferred :P)

So you may or may not remember my robot day entry. Well, I've started work on the sequel. I finally found the right music for it, and it works too well with the style for me NOT to do it now.
It'll be showing up around the time of Robot day, only it's not going to be done in 12 hours, so expect an increase in quality :)

Anywhoo, I'm legit rambling, so here's a picture of a certain man with some certain fruit.

Username change & threadless design

Bitch, I'm on youtube.

2011-03-26 09:53:11 by RionHunter

You should subscribe.
I would like to get partnered eventually, so I can choose better screen caps than the one you can see above.
That is all.

I'm not really Yungjazz

2010-11-11 22:31:28 by RionHunter

I'm this asshole.

/* */
subscribe 'n' stuff.

Got my cintiq

2010-10-02 11:38:02 by RionHunter

It took forever to get in.
I upgraded from the Bamboo Fun - Small to the Cintiq 21ux.
it's like going from a bicycle with training wheels to a rolls royce.
So you can expect some more stuff by me soon :D

Here's a little image of something I started today.
I was going to try and get it done within 12 hours like one of my last submissions, but I got to the fbf, and gave up hope on that :P

Got my cintiq

Yeah, I know

2010-09-14 13:51:14 by RionHunter

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Animator Porn

2010-07-27 08:18:57 by RionHunter

Guess what I'm picking up in a few days.

Shit's about to get real.

Also, twitter.

Daily 2nd?! WTF?

2010-07-12 03:52:56 by RionHunter

I didn't think it was THAT good.

But now I can Front Page post.

Also, Twitter.

Daily 2nd?! WTF?


2010-05-29 07:03:04 by RionHunter

+ Vagina

= ?

Check it out:

Where The Wild Things Were

I had been working on this like a maniac towards the end of last year, the day Where the Wild Things Are came out here, in Australia.
I was trying to get it done while it was still relevant.
I got this far, before I found out that it had been released in America and UK 1-2 months prior Australia.
So I stopped.

Basically, whenever there looks like there's supposed to be dialogue, it follows the simple rule of

Character one: Somethingsomethingsomething
Character two: SHUDDUP.

Because I realised that almost every scenario in that movie was someone just shutting down the other person.
That had been where I was going with it.
Hopefully some people see this, as I know I can't front-page-post...
Yet >:)