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Going to be entering NATA

2014-05-06 08:40:54 by RionHunter

So, in the past, I've made some pretty substantial animations for newgrounds in a stupidly small amount of time.

I'm not saying they're good, on any level, but there is no denying they're defenitely pretty decent for the timeframe I had.

Number 6298 was made in 11 hours on a shitty bamboo tablet, in one sitting.

I'll Protect You was made in under 48 hours, and it's the most committed project I've ever uploaded to this account.

And now, I have two and a half weeks that I'm going to commit to getting something done for the open round of NATA.  I already know what I'm going to do, and it's very ambitious, so here's hoping I can get it done.

The draft storyboard already involves some pretty dynamic shots, though apparently it all happens a lot faster in that file than what it looks like when I'm playing it in flash, so it seems pretty hectic and fast at the moment, but give it time ;)

While I'm doing this, I'm also working on a book and launching a Non-Governing Organisation/Charity.  So yeah..

Caffeine addiction, here I come.


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2014-05-06 09:29:10

Looking forward to seeing how it comes out! What is the charity you're launching?

(Updated ) RionHunter responds:

Well, it's called ATLAS Unite, and it will have lots of divisions that reapproach making positive change in the world. Like, one division is a collaborative writing initiative, where it brings people together to all work on a single project, like 10 people on 1 novel, or 50 normal, every day people casually submitting content for a magazine.
And each individual creation has an elected charity or cause that most of the proceeds from that product go towards.
I hope to have something oriented around animation eventually, but baby steps.
I'm tempted to swing $200 into the NATA fundraising for the tier reward, using its logo.