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Motha effin b'day

2011-08-02 23:17:25 by RionHunter

So I'm 21 now. I don't even care.
But, what I'd really appreciate if you could watch this here vid I made yesterday.
It isn't that bad.

It's also my NG birthday. For some reason, I made my account on my actual birthday, 5 years ago today. So there's that as well...


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2011-08-03 00:45:46

If i had the costume i would totally have stereo put it on the ground in street and just dance my ass off next to people


2011-08-03 02:08:33

HAppy 1-day late B-DAY!!! >.<

RionHunter responds:

It's still my birthday :/
Here in Australia, it was already the 3rd.


2011-08-03 07:47:00

(I don't know if I am late now however..?)
Oh and cool moves bro


2011-08-03 10:46:12

Happy birthday to your account. not to you personally tho

RionHunter responds:

My account says 'thankyou'.

I notice your name doesn't appear at the end of the automated 'happy birthday' email that I got sent from here...


2011-08-03 11:32:01

inb4 Redfeather and spazkid insults of lovely humerous grandeur ;D